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Student Need for SKILLS TRAINING in Somalia.

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Digital technology has changed the future of work, and these skills are in demand. To thrive in the 21st-century labor market, Somalians need an inclusive set of skills:

Digital skills: The skills needed to use computers and other digital devices are essential to access and manage information. These skills are now regarded as basic literacy because they are foundational to integrating and communicating with the world.

Cognitive skills include innovating ideas, adapting to new trends using problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking skills, and proficiency in digital media. 

Socio-emotional skills, such as perseverance, empathy, mindfulness, courage, and leadership, inform the individual in professional and interpersonal situations.

Technical skills are acquired expertise, proficiency, and communications required to accomplish a specific task using related materials, tools, or technologies. They are also the ability and expertise needed to handle specific tasks related to information technology, such as digital skills, program design, and tools.

Yet, most Somalian educational institutions struggle to deliver these skills. As a result, huge gaps exist in basic skills and the capacity of our working-age populations. In response to this gap, Samale Institute (SI) stands ready to fill this role by developing comprehensive workshops in professional skills to ensure our people have the knowledge, skills, and tools required to succeed.

Samale Institute is currently developing and organizing online digital marketing workshops. We are organizing this training based on our experience working in the local academic institutions in Mogadishu, Somalia, and from the feedback received from students. Samale’s workshop training will help students build the skills to become successful digital marketers and improve their careers. In addition, we aim to empower Somalians and improve their livelihood by enhancing their employability and labor productivity to become more competitive in the labor market and to open opportunities for entrepreneurs.

With digital marketing skills, Somalians can promote their strengths on various platforms such as their website, social media accounts, newsletters, etc. Also, with the increase of the digital nomad lifestyle, and its flexible schedules, it won’t matter if you are in an office, or working from a rural region or even if you are in the same country; the only thing that matters is your internet access and your computer.

For further information, go to  ABCD Training & Capacity building – Samale Institute  and check out the Samale Institute.

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