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CSR & MARKETING INTENT by Kimberley Williamson

Our reason at Marketing Intent for leading with Corporate Social Responsibility is because we want to collaborate and find ways to provide Samale Institute (Mogadishu, Somalia) with options that will propel it forward. As stakeholders in Samale Institute, we KNOW that we have the educational training, motivation and opportunity to demonstrate that we will support the development of Samale. 

Becoming a part of Samale’s story underscores our sincere support of their ABCD (Asset-Based Community Development) sustainability practices that our friend and colleague, Kadir, has introduced into his community. In addition, through the sharing of our knowledge, training and expertise, we have the opportunity to add to the assets of Samale.

The TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE (TBL), according to John Elkington (1994), says that there are 3-measures of a company’s TRUE BOTTOM LINE: the economic, social and environmental results of a company’s actions. At MI, we are starting our TBL right out of the gate by supporting the build, development and sustainability of Samale by creating a series of workshops based on the needs of Samale’s community. The Samale Institute has its online questionnaire out, and when the results are made known, we will respond with practical, usable workshops and materials that they use and build on. 

Many nonprofit organizations have adopted the TBL, and some have partnered with private firms to address sustainability issues. MI recognizes that connecting and supporting the Samale Institute makes good business sense because success is best shared like a good meal! 

Check us out at for further info on our services and, if you are interested to know who we are.  Ty for the read!  

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