Guiding Pringles


Samale thrives on the hard work and initiatives of every team member. We appreciate and will reward hard work. Give your best in all that you do. We need to place greater emphasis on teamwork and internal cooperation and coordination. In this regard information sharing and trust are important factors.


Samale will always promote and uphold integrity. Honesty is an uncompromisable value for us. Without integrity we won’t succeed. Integrity means being honest to yourself and to the organization.


In all our initiatives, we see, hear and experience examples every day of how our people are changing the world in large and small ways. Our people are our competitive advantage. We prepare for the future today by developing the skills and talent of all employees, learning plays a greater part in our work culture and as an asset and position Samale for greatness. It brings new thinking, ideas and opportunity to foster our business agility and making Samale a great place to work for great people. Building a culture of voracious learners is one of the best things we can do for our business.


Samale has also succeeded and triumphed in the past several years because of our commitment to excellence. We need to rededicate ourselves to excellence. Excellence means not tolerating any mistakes and ensuring total quality output in all our work.