Education and Innovation

Samale institute acknowledges the vitalness of access to quality education. The institute fosters innovation and capacity building which are crucial for addressing national, regional, and global challenges, promoting sustainable development, and driving positive change. Integrating these strategies promotes critical thinking, social innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Climate & Food Security

Samale Institute support farmers, private sectors and pastoral communities through learning, capacity development, promotion of climate smart agriculture, renewable energy, reforestation, afforestation, and sustainable use of natural resources.

Environmental Stewardship

Samale Institute offers innovation solutions, research services, and capacity building for private sector, local authorities on sustainability, pollution reduction, solid waste management, sustainable agriculture, and food systems.


Samale institute promotes peacebuilding initiatives which are crucial for sustainable development, promoting harmony, reconciliation, and social cohesion. The institute empowers local communities and promotes cultural artists through community dialogue forums to provide durable solutions. The institute engages experts to provide trauma healing and psychosocial support, focusing on conflict-sensitive development approaches.

Inclusive Local Economic growth

Samale institute cultivates economic empowerment for women and youth which is crucial for sustainable development and reducing inequality. The institute supports SMEs through capacity building and access to finance, to promote job creation, skills development, digital advancements, and social development.


Samale institute promotes good governance through institutional development, democratization, city transformation, policy research, and advocacy for good governance practices. The institute do this through stakeholder engagement, transparency, capacity building, policy coherence, data-driven decision making, and international cooperation.