Who Do We Work with?

We work with interested parties or organizations, who believe that the best solutions to socioeconomic and environmental challenges are found within the heart of communities that have been most impacted by these difficulties. That does not mean that the communities need to go it alone, or that they alone should carry the burden for resolving all socio-economic issues. Of course, there is a need for external forces to play some crucial role, and these must be addressed. However, it is our goal to partner up with all who have a sentiment for community and who believe in the power of inclusive communities to make positive change happen. We will work with people who are passionate about supporting communities to realize, connect and mobilize local assets; and who are committed to use their institutional assets to support sustainable community development. We will promote activities that are more focused on development than relief because we understand that if the development is done well and it is community-driven, then it will be sustainable and resilient.