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Our innovation has empowered unemployed youth in Mogadishu, Somalia, through practical skills training and mentorship, enabling them to start their own businesses and gain employability skills. By reducing youth unemployment, we have contributed to the community’s economic growth and social development. The main objective of this initiative has been to expand and amplify positive outcomes in youth employment by implementing innovative and evidence-based interventions that foster sustainable businesses and increased income.

Project Goals

Equip unemployed youth in Mogadishu with practical employability skills

Enable youth participants to secure employment or start their own

Foster a positive shift in attitudes towards economic self-sufficiency.

Promote gender equality by ensuring at least 30% of participants are girls.

Project Activities

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Call to Action: Support the Future of Young People in Somalia

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The "Empowering Youth for Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A Skills Development Project" is dedicated to equipping unemployed youth with vital entrepreneurial and employability skills. We believe that all young people in Somalia deserves access to high-quality skills that prepares them for a bright future.
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This  project aims to create a sustainable community in Mogadishu, Somalia, by empowering youth to drive economic and social development. We address unemployment and inequality to foster a resilient society based on self-sufficiency and innovation.