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Our strategic focus is a dynamic roadmap that integrates the principles of sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Welcome to Samale

Samale Institute is an innovation organization designed to facilitate creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We are a physical space where individuals and organizations can share resources, ideas, and expertise.
The Institute was established to support the development of new technologies and entrepreneurship creation, focusing on solving local youth problems and meeting the needs of employability and income generation.


Our initiatives prioritize progress for vulnerable communities, weaving inclusivity into the fabric of educational and climate action programs.


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Why Do We Exist?

We exist to recognize the unrecognized assets, skills, gifts, talents, and all other resources found in the community, and to mobilize individuals, associations, and institutions to come together to understand and develop their cooperation strengths. This is what makes us different from other organizations in our community. Most organizations in our community use a deficit-based approach.

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5 Years Of Experience In Sustainability

Localizing Education for Sustainable Development